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Anyone that cares to use the information here is welcome, with the standard disclaimer (copyright).
Use of this information is for educational purposes ONLY. If you make any money from it, send me half.

If you choose to use this ECom information BE SURE you read and understand two items:
After Action Summary - - AND - - Lessons NOT Learned Paper

Public Service Communications

Should I be in ECom?    A question worth asking yourself.

Amateurs train until they - THINK - they can do it right,
professionals train until they cannot do it wrong.
Are you an Amateur or an unpaid professional?

Not Politically Correct - - ECom training.

  • American Stupidity. Things that you will only see in America.

  • ANGRY!?

  • APRS Implementation information. This has a UI-View slant because we have not gotten input from very many other software users.

  • After Action Summary Summary of the last five years After Action reports. "Lessons Learned" are actually "Lessons Forgotten" from previous years.

  • Communication Guidelines and Net Participant's Guide as a PDF.

  • Consistency in Training - - NOT found as often as we should.

    Important information about NIMS (ICS-700) is at:

  • Crime Mitigation at your house.

  • CW Keyer Kit    WELL worth the $17

  • Definitions:

  • Is this the new Democratic Party Seal?

  • Did You ever think about . . .

  • Digital Skills . . . Useful skills list for those interested in digital operation.

  • Digital Skills - PDF . . . Useful skills list for those interested in digital operation.

  • The Difference

  • ECom Staffing Also known as the "soapbox" letter ;-) WELL worth the read.

  • Equipment List - a PDF copy.

  • FCC Database Searches

  • Freedom

  • Event/Incident Plan - Outline of those items a person doing the actual planning for an event or incident needs to think about. NOTE: Not everything in this document applies to every event/incident. Use what applies!


  • Forms Please note: Some of these forms will require printing as "landscape" rather than "portrait" (presuming you want them to be usable).

  • Forms, ICS:     Do a Google search with "ics forms" as the search argument. Include the quotes, to get links to any ICS form you may need.

  • Fry Your Bacon

  • Go Bag - a PDF copy.

  • What is Good Enough?

  • Good Operators

  • Global Warming    and a test to see if you actually understand it.
  • Global Warming    May, high temperature data, for Denver CO.
  • Gun Related

  • Gun Information - Safety, Shooting and CC
  • Gun Control Symposium April 8, 2008 - A MUST READ

  • Gun Town? Kennesaw Georgia mandates each head of household own a gun - crime rate drops, no gun deaths in 25 years! UPI quote: "The rate of violent crime is approximately four times lower than the state and national rates"
  • Handhelds

  • Hand-Helds I have known.
    My opinion on several hand helds I have or had.
    Not a technical review. Just the user perspective.

  • Are you Happy?

  • A view of History

  • HF propagation numbers. Where you can find them and what they tell you.

  • HTML - Examples. From very simple to VERY complex.

  • I'll be ready when ..... Horse Feathers!

  • Information for your 9-1-1 Call

  • J-Pole Antenna Information.

  • List posts or - do you see yourself in any but the first two entries?

  • List etiquette - in case you do find yourself in the previous item.

  • Management Options

  • Mediocrity     Are 1970's communications adequate in 2008?

  • NO Meth!

  • Mission Plan - Outline of those items a person doing the actual planning for an event or incident needs to think about. NOTE: Not everything in this document applies to every event/incident. Use what applies!

  • Radio Modifications that I trust.

  • Net Participation.   You can be a big help!


  • NVIS Antenna Information.

  • NVIS Propagation.

  • Oklahoma is OK    If you are not illegal.


  • Pat Sez


  • Personal Preparation - obvious things we tend to forget.

  • Points to ponder - Information, jokes and my opinions on a few items.

  • Proof - that some things are not as they seem.

  • "Random" Length wire antennas.

  • Repair Windoz errors. You to can fix all of the errors you have with Windoz! Click on the link to fix ALL windoz problems. ;-)


  • RF Exposure Information.

  • Wolf, Sheep or Sheepdog   Sheeple?

  • Social (In)Security?

  • Here's a Should Happen

  • Smoke Screen!


  • Sun Spot Cycle

  • TNC information

  • TenTec Argonaut-V   A small 160-10M rig.

  • TenTec Jupiter   Less than adequate.

  • Unsafe?    Not at all.

  • The USA?

  • What IF?

  • "Top Twenty" errors, omissions, flubs, etc. overheard in event or weekly nets. These are to help everyone learn better techniques, not point a finger at anyone (except for a very few ECs that really need to be pointed at).

  • Troubleshooting electronic circuits.

  • 30 WPM CW training software from G4FON. Look under "Koch CW Trainer".

  • 45ACP velocities

  • 60 METER Operation Information from ARRL.
    60 METER Frequency List also ARRL.

  • 60 METERS with MODIFIED Radios from ARRL. This PDF contains information that everyone NEEDS to look at. You will note that some very expensive modified radios do NOT meet FCC specifications on 60 Meters!

  • 72-Hour Family Emergency Kit

  • Glossary of terms and acronyms used in ECom and ICS.