Too Old?

I guess I'm getting too old.

I remember when an analyst reviewed the minutia in data and came up with a SUMMARY, rather than working to find/create emotional content.

I remember when the weather "reporter" on TV gave the full report - in one pass and didn't need three or four tries to finally spit it out.

I remember when weather forecasts were for three days, because things change too fast to do more. Now we get seven day forecasts that are LESS accurate for tomorrow, than ever before.

I remember when "News" item were selected by the general interest/importance, rather than how much emotion they create.

I remember when "teasers" were not even known. The item was presented, in its entirety, and you continued to watch because there was actual content, thus your time was well spent.

I remember when a change in subject was indicated by a pause in speaking, and you didn't have to rely on a change in camera angle or a change in person speaking to find it.

I remember when broadcasters HAD professional demeanor, and didn't rely on smilie-faced chit-chat for anything.

Good God! I actually remember when the media was a fair and impartial source for information, rather than a place to get VERY slanted propaganda.

I guess I'm getting too old.

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