Gun Control

How is it that so many IDIOTS think that gun control will "cure" the problems in our society?
The actual problem is with the PEOPLE who kill, and not the tools they use.

If someone is killed with a knife, do we go out and ban all knives? (bleep) NO!
If someone is killed with a rock, do we BAN all rocks? Obviously not.
If someone is killed with a hammer, do we suddenly ban all hammers?
You got it, NO!

The problem is with the PERSON doing the killing, and NOT with the tool they use!
Their attitude toward others is what needs to be addressed!

As such, to "ban" the tool and NOT address the problem (THE PERSON doing the killing) solves nothing!
Just look at the klinton "assault weapons" ban, all ten years of it, proved that it is NOT the tool used,
but rather the person doing the killing, that needs to be addressed!

WHY is that so hard for the liberal idiots to understand?!

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