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Latest update: 11/19/23

Information collected by WIPL

I have spent a large amount of time searching for information on various TNCs (if you don't know what a TNC is, you don't need this web page) and end up re-researching far too much material because it is so poorly laid out by the manufacturer or because they have many copies that recursively call each other.

A few of the diagrams and pages linked to and referenced will have both local and manufacturer copies. I suggest you use the manufacturer information where ever it is available. I keep local copies because some of the information I gathered has been discontinued.

NOTE: ALL information contained herein is either observed OR has been obtained from the INTERNET!
NOTHING has been pirated from any manufacturer!!

Please note: If a given segment is not a link then either I have not been able to get the information yet or it is not available. You say "How do I know it is a link?" and I reply "It turns green on mouse-over."

If you have links to information that you think would be helpful, please send them to me at the address below. If you send me a link then it is available to all and you are simply making it easier for others to find. THANKS!

Recommended digital communication guidelines are from the Colorado Disaster Response Team documentation
in the DRT Digital Coms PDF.

Several radios have the ability to handle "HF" modes (RTTY, AMTOR, PACTOR) on VHF and UHF as if they were on HF. That means using the same TNC parameters on ALL bands and the same antennas you are/were using for VHF/UHF voice.

To anyone that is now saying "So?" you should understand that under terrain conditions that do not allow 1200 Baud FM packet you can use AMTOR or PACTOR in ARQ mode reliably. This greatly extends the useful range of 2M and 70CM for digital operation. It also allows those with Technician licenses to handle situations that were formerly restricted to General and above class operators. A few of the radios that work very well in this manner are: Yaesu FT-897, FT-857 and Icom 706.

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