Antenna Grease


While it may sound a little funny to speak of antenna grease, it is something that few think about. What we are really speaking of is the anti-oxidant coating(s) that minimize or virtually eliminate oxidation from your antennas/connections.

What follows is a summary of the three main brands of "grease" that are readily available, and for the most part, inexpensive. While each of these has specific design criteria for specific applications, all three are quite functional for most applications.


Gardner Bender OxGuard is primarily for aluminum to aluminum or aluminum to copper connections. When applied to antenna segments at assembly time, it provides an excellent conductivity AND facilitates disassembly years to decades later. At $3 (current cost for one ounce) it is very convenient, and worth every penny. In my opinion, anyone that assembles an aluminum antenna and does not use this product, just likes to have problems with antennas.


The full name is No-Ox-ID A Special but most refer to it as No-Ox. The primary use is for long term battery installations and grounding applications. The best price I can find is at StormGrounding for $12.97 DELIVERED for 8oz. I used some of this on a car battery that I had significant corrosion problems with. After applying NoOx, there was ZERO corrosion from then to the point where I traded in the vehicle three years later! Read the first link for an indication of how good it really is.

Super Lube

Super Lube is a clear and non-toxic (for Politically Correct advocates) dielectric which is virtually impervious to salt water. I use it for high power flashlights that require the dielectric properties for the tail cap switches and the lubrication for the included "O" rings that maintain water repellancy.


If you have information about other similar products that you think should be included here, please send me an E-mail.

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