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In light of the renewed push to ignore the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, I am posting a list of the web sites I found, stumbled across, or received links to from others, that provide verifiable statistics on gun control in other countries as well as ours. In my opinion, the people advocating "reasonable" gun laws are simply setting the stage for eventual confiscation of our guns. You know, like boiling frogs; throw them into boiling water and they hop right out. Put them in comfortable temperature water then slowly increase the heat and you end up with boiled frogs.

I strongly believe that the best way to stop the effort to ignore the Second Amendment to our Constitution is to . . . BURY . . . the perpetrators with accurate information. That is why I post this page. I see no reason for every one of us to do redundant research. A growing list of accurate information saves us all time.

The overall format of this page will doubtless change as I find or receive links to more information. If you find or know of any information that should be included, please use the E-mail link at the bottom to let me know. - - THANKS!

Latest Update: 8/19/17

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I posted a link to this page on one gun forum that carries the name of one manufacturer. They say their forum is not affiliated with that manufacturer, and I say GOOD THING! Someone in their moderators decided that this page was to sell something and deleted my thread. I restarted it and it was deleted again.     After that, someone in their group of moderators actually read this page and they sent me a stern warning to not sell things, and then reposted the thread . . . WITHOUT the replies that had accumulated prior to their deletion.

IMO, Sounds more like a liberal than a gun person.

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