White Noise

The vast majority of Anti-2A blather fits into two categories.
First is emotion, and the second is best defined as white noise!

White noise has no substance;   is, or at least can be, very distracting, and neither adds nor detracts from any discussion. It simply hides the real issue from anyone not willing to spend the time and effort to find and understand the actual issue(s). Many will resort to white noise so you "let them win" when you move on to other subjects out of pure boredom.

What we see is a significantly increasing amount of white noise by those who are anti-2A. While most of them are not dumb enough to misunderstand what Lott and his group have presented (even if they act that way), they have no actual rebuttal to the facts, so they resort to white noise. Add in the afore mentioned emotion, and that IS their platform. No thought, no substance, no facts, just blather.

Sad little children that have given up on "I'LL HOLD MY BREATH UNTIL I PASS OUT!" because so many thinking people have simply walked away from them, laying on the ground or not.

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