After Action Report Summary

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These are the comments and suggestions submitted by Colorado ECs in their After Action reports over the last five years. Most comments are exactly what was in the AA reports but a few had to be summarized or slight detail, in the form of [information in brackets], added for clarity/brevity.

Please note that there is a comment in an After Action report for every entry in this list (if there are five entries for subject1 then subject1 was in five AA reports).

The amazing part is that NONE of the comments are invalid
- - > TWELVE YEARS < - - after they were written.
Each and every one of them are being repeated, exercise after exercise.
NO ONE has learned from the information.
THAT says a whole lot about how POOR the training really is.

The conclusion I reach from the AA report information is:

All of this is summarized by one past D-11 EC's comment (Not me, but I wish I had said it -pl).

All future planned BCARES exercises should incorporate the use of ALL modes and ALL equipment we have available. We should always plan to stretch our communication capabilities in our practice exercises in order to make the difficult become routine. Easy, predictable exercises are just that -- easy and predictable. Our experiences have taught us that in fact, the actual event is anything but predictable and is seldom easy. In any exercise, plan to have "Murphy" strike some typically taken for granted function such as the primary repeater going down, etc.. Practice what steps might have to be taken if a sudden thunderstorm should appear on site. How would you protect the equipment as well as yourself? - - WM0G

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