Web Pages about Guns


There are hundreds of thousands of web page that pertain to guns, available on the Internet. Since virtually anyone with even minimal knowledge about computers and the Internet can post a web page, it seems appropriate to have at least some filters available for that "information". I DO NOT support the government getting in to that effort, so I have created this web page as a list of links that I have faith in or that I have created.

If you find errors in any within this list, please let me know which page it is and what the error is. If it is within my power, I will get it corrected.      HOWEVER, if you just want to whine, cry or argue about something that you do not like, save us both time, forget it.

One last thought, if you know about a web page that has good to excellent information, especially instructional information, PLEASE let me know, I would love to expand this page.

Well . . . . almost last thought. There IS redundancy in the information contained in these links. That is done because that information is critical. If you read it in several different sets of words, I'll bet it is more likely to stick.

Have fun, shoot safe.

The Beginning Shooter

Gun Safety

With guns there is ONLY safety or NEGLIGENCE!


Shooting a Handgun

Concealed Carry

Instructional Videos

None of the above

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