WHERE are the manners?!

I am seriously beginning to wonder if our nation will survive. Why?
Simply because of the number of people WITH ZERO MANNERS!
You know, the ones that EXPECT everything to be given to them,
simply because they exist.

It matters not which religion they have (or none), what their nation of origin is (by a few years to dozens of
DECADES), what color their skin is (white, green, blue, purple, etc.), or what political beliefs they have.
When THEY want something, in their minds, they should (MUST?) be given what ever it is they want!

Should every one of them be provided (notice the word) the opportunity to EARN what ever it is they want? ABSOLUTELY! As long as they are willing to WORK for what they want, they MUST have that opportunity! Said opportunity comes with the RESPONSIBILITY of working for what ever they want. - - - After all, a HUGE number of people ignore opportunities because they come dressed in overalls and LOOKS LIKE WORK!

There is one political party in the United States (and elsewhere, I'll bet) that believes the person who can YELL THE LOUDEST, should (must?) prevail. TOTALLY the opposite of a democratic society! - - - That same party believes that they can BUY any person/office they want. Think about that! Spend the most money, get the political results you want? Not only NO, but HELL NO! - - - It's ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE! - - - NOT one person, one vote per thousand dollars, or one vote per million dollars, etc. - - - ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE!

You may now be saying "how does this relate to manners?" Simply that a person with manners RESPECTS the wants/wishes of others. Does that mean/imply they agree with them? No, just that their rights to their own thoughts/wishes are AS STRONG AS YOURS! - - - THAT'S the manners! Do unto them as you would have them do unto you! NOT do unto them and split, unlike many "somewhat peaceful" demonstrations try to do.

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