Global Warming

There seem to be a lot of people whining, crying and yes, even screaming about global warming. Some seem quite informed while many others (primarily those in the entertainment industry) prove that they have no idea how to think, much less be able to interpret factual data. provides a quiz about Global warming and brings out the fact that the temperature on Earth is cyclic in nature. Some would even say VERY cyclic in nature. We currently are in a warming portion of that cycle. Is it because of all of the carbon dioxide created daily? Possibly, but even more it is because we continue to denude our forests, which use the carbon dioxide as part of their life cycle and their discharge is oxygen, which we need to survive.

One other factor that the tree-huggers are totally ignoring is that the axis of the earth also varies. Right now we have the sun far higher (to the North) than at any time in the last twenty years. I know that because I have lived in the same house for twenty one years and the sun is now on a North portion of the house that has never before been in direct sunshine in the twenty plus years I have lived here.

As if that were not enough, on 12/13/07 one of the Denver TV stations weather dork was very happy to point out that we were experiencing a lengthening of the daylight hours (passed equinox). HELLO(!), the equinox is not due for another week and at equinox, the length of the days stays the same for several days. That means the equinox passed from one and one half to two weeks ago! The axis of the earth HAS changed! THAT is a MAJOR contributor to "global warming" as defined by our entertainment people (you remember, those that make obscene amounts of money for making faces at a camera, but continue to prove they have no brains).

Can we improve our situation on Earth by reducing the amount of oil based fuels consumed in our automobiles? I'm sure we can. Will that cure global warming? Hell no.

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