Lessons Learned Summary
July, 2004?

These are the "top twenty" suggestions submitted by Colorado ECs in their After Action reports in the "Lessons Learned" field. This report will be published as often as the number of AA reports warrants.

Which means we do NOT pay any attention to what we said was wrong!

If we make the same stupid mistakes TEN years in a row, we have no business calling ourselves communicators!

Summary of the summary: We don't follow our own procedures.

  1. We know that it takes two or more people at NCS for a major event but we always try to get by with fewer.
  2. Most of our NCS' need more training.
  3. Locate NCS away from served agency command post(s).
  4. We do not seem to understand that slowing down (most of the time) will actually
    speed information flow (pause between calls).
  5. We need to better utilize tactical calls.
  6. Learn to use your microphone. Huff and Puff is just as unacceptable as low audio.
  7. What are maps? Why would anyone want them?
  8. Better utilize Digital modes.
  9. We are not well enough trained in ICS.
  10. We don't know how to summarize our thoughts so we tend to operate our nets in rag-chew mode.
  11. Headsets are critical in many locations.
  12. Some of us have cross band repeaters but most of us do not know how to operate on them.
  13. We forget to bring/display our ID badges.
  14. Our exercises are often either too simple or over planned.
  15. We seldom know our county emergency plan and specifically where and how we fit in.
  16. PTT does not mean Push Then Think.
  17. Start a net before call-out begins and use proper mobilization procedures.
  18. Make sure that your "Go Bag" is ready for deployment.
    That means fully stocked AND the equipment is tested regularly.
  19. Use your log.
  20. Things seldom go as planned.