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KAM-98 Single-port Multi-Mode Wireless Modem

Discontinued Product

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View/Download (PDF format):  KAM-98 Brochure (203k)  KAM-98 Manual (1095k)


KAM-98 front view

The KAM '98 is an advancement in the state of the art of digital communication. Built on the proud heritage established by the KAM and KAM Plus, KAM '98 offers more flexibility to the digital operator. The original KAM (Kantronics All Mode TNC) was a revolution in the art of digital communication.

The KAM '98 takes that concept forward, refining and enhancing your capabilities. It is a single-port unit that can be used on either HF or VHF frequencies. HF operators can now enjoy 1200 bps communications on 10 meters, or copy WEFAX feeds without cable swapping. Telemetry and remote control operations are now possible, through the use of two A/D inputs accessed through an AUX port and two control line outputs.

KAM-98 Features

The KAM-98 has so many features and functions, it will take even experienced operators time to explore them all. In addition, Kantronics engineers have designed the KAM '98 for future applications, by building in a capacity for upgradable firmware. Operating modes and functions include:

  • GTOR™
  • CCIR 476 & 625
  • PACKET 300 or 1200 bps
  • RTTY
  • HF e-mail
  • CW
  • GPS NMEA-0183 compatible
  • HOST Mode
  • KISS
  • Explore New Modes:  If you haven't tried GTOR™, PACTOR or other HF text modes, the KAM-98 can open new worlds of operation enjoyment. Copy NAVTEX bulletins and monitor communications with ships or aircraft. Download WEFAX weather maps (requires optional software) for up-to-the-minute information. Receives, decodes and sends Morse Code from your computer!
  • GPS Compatible: Connect a GPS to the KAM-98 (NMEA-0183 format required) and beacon your position to others. Great for mobile and marine operators. The KAM-98 is engineered to work with APRS© geolocating software and supports advanced UI frame digipeating functions.
  • HF or VHF Operation: The KAM-98 is flexible in that it can be used on HF or VHF/UHF bands. The 1200bps packet function can work on bands 10 meters and above. Operators can also experiment with digital modes other than packet on VHF frequencies.
  • Large Capacity Internal Mailbox: 100k personal mailbox is standard, expandable with optional 512k memory chip. Free Signal Detection supports HF e-mail function, a feature popular with marine operators.
  • Remote Access AND Remote Control: The KAM-98 can be remotely accessed and controlled with user-defined password protection. It can also control other devices through the use of its A/D input/outputs. Using the A/D feature, it can also gather and report telemetry. There are many possibilities, including remote temperature sensing, battery voltage monitoring, opening /closing relays to operate other devices, security device monitoring and more! A dedicated DB-9 port allows for easy connections.

KAM-98 Specifications

Dimensions (H×W×D)1.2"×6.7"×6.9" (31 mm × 170 mm × 175 mm)
Weight18 oz. (0.5 kg) (approximate)
Power Requirements5.5 - 17 VDC, 110 ma (LED's on, unit active)
Power Plug2.1 mm coaxial, center pin positive
External Connection PortsRadio Port: DB-9 female
Aux A/D Data (REMOTE port): DB-9 female
Computer/GPS port: DB-25 female
Watchdog TimerApprox. 2.5 minutes (jumper setting option)
Analog Measurement Inputs
(A/D Converter)
Two inputs; 0 ~ 5 VDC, 8-bit accuracy, Zin= 20 kOhm
External Carrier DetectPulldown to ground
Data Rate (radio port)45-1200 bps
PTT OutputOpen drain, +50 VDC max, 200 ma max
Audio OutputContinuously adjustable 1 mv - 5 V p-p
    Output Impedance600 Ohm AC coupled
Audio Input 
    Dynamic Range>75 dB
    Input Impedance10 kOhm or 620 Ohm, user selectable by jumper
    Max input voltage±12 VDC; 35 V p-p sinusoidal
Operating ModesPacket, PACTOR, GTOR, AMTOR, RTTY,
LED IndicatorsPower, Xmit, Rcv, Connected, Status, Mail, Tuner Centering Bargraph, Speed
Remote Control AccessAll controller functions, user-defined password
External Reset Pulldown to ground
Compliance FCC Class B; Europe - CE Conformity
Warranty The KAM-98 is protected by a one-year limited warranty to the original owner

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.
APRS® is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.
All registered trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

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