PK-88 Parameters

This is a list of all the parameters (DISP Z) that I have tested, totally successfully, with a PK88 and WinPack. Most of them won't have any affect on the performance of WinPack, but I haven't got time to sit and filter out the non-critical ones.

**** PLEASE READ AND TAKE NOTICE OF THE NEXT BIT!!!! ***** ***** NB NB NB ***** You MUST MUST MUST set JP3 correctly in the TNC to get the PK88 to work with WinPack. It is a 3 pin header, you MUST put the jumper on the two pins nearest the front of the TNC - the default is that it is on the two pins nearest the back. The setting for WinPack will also be correct for Paket, TPK, and most other modern packet software.

Once you've set the jumper, the default settings in WinPack Comms Setup for the connected and disconnected strings, and for "DCD shows con" (Yes) will be correct.

The default PK88 settings for AWLEN and PARITY are 7 and 3. To initially get WinPack to talk to the PK88, you may need to set WinPack to 7 databits, even parity. Once you have established communication, send the commands AWLEN 8, PARITY 0 and RESTART to the TNC - the screen will show some rubbish. Now set WinPack back to 8 databits, even parity.

See "TNC/Computer" on my TNCs page for an easier way. - IPL

Regard these settings as a good starting point - they work! Add things like BTEXT, set PACLEN and MAXFRAME to suit local conditions, etc.

Have fun! 73 - G4IDE.

Unproto   (URCall)
3Rdparty  OFF
8Bitconv  ON
ACKprior  OFF
ACRDisp   0
ACRPack   ON
AFilter   OFF
ALFDisp   ON
AWlen     8
Ax25l2v2  ON
AXDelay   0
AXHang    0
BBSmsgs   OFF
Beacon    EVERY 0
BKondel   ON
CANline   $18
CANPac    $19
CASedisp  0
CBell     OFF
CFrom     all
CHCall    OFF
CHDouble  OFF
CHeck     30
CHSwitch  $00
CLKadj    0
CMdtime   10
CMSg      ON
COMmand   $03
Commode   CONVERSE
CPactime  OFF
CText     Send /HELP for help
CUstom    $0A15
DELete    OFF
DFrom     all
DWait     16
Echo      OFF
EScape    OFF
Flow      ON
FRack     5
FREe      19040
FUlldup   OFF
HBaud     1200
HEAderln  ON
HId       OFF
HOMebbs   none
ILfpack   ON
LAstmsg   0
LIte      OFF
MAildrop  OFF
MAXframe  2
MBEll     OFF
MBx       none
MCon 0    (none)
MDigi     OFF
MDMon     OFF
MDPrompt  ^Z (CTRL-Z) or /EX to end
MFIlter   $00
MFrom     all
MId       0
MMsg      OFF
Monitor   4
MProto    OFF
MRpt      ON
MStamp    OFF
MTExt     PK-88 maildrop.
MTo       none
MXmit     OFF
MYAlias   none
MYcall    Your callsign!
MYMail    none
NEwmode   ON
NOmode    OFF
NUCr      OFF
NULf      OFF
NULLs     0
PACLen    128
PACTime   AFTER 10
PARity    0
PASs      $16
PErsist   63
PPersist  ON
RAdio     1
REDispla  $12
RELink    OFF
RESptime  0
REtry     10
SEndpac   $0D
SLottime  30
SQuelch   OFF
STArt     $11
STOp      $13
TBaud     9600
TIme      $14
TOne      3
TRFlow    OFF
TRIes     0
TXdelay   30
TXFlow    OFF
USers     1
WHYnot    OFF
XFlow     OFF
XOff      $13
XON       $11