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WHY would anyone WANT to carry a gun?! That is a question you will doubtless hear quite often from those that lean liberal and some of the time from others that tend to be more conservative. It is a question that YOU will need to answer for yourself, and it is best that you answer that FIRST.

The purpose of this document is to provide a free source for the information you may find handy if you decide to carry a concealed weapon. Please use the navigation at the top bar to skip to the segment you like, or read it top to bottom as you prefer.

Why a permit?

The subject of why you should need a permit has been cussed and discussed for more than a handful of decades. Many argue that the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution is their permit. From a purely legal standpoint, it is hard to argue against their opinion. That is unless you consider the number of people prohibited from carrying, in fact prohibited from even owning a gun. The permit provides law enforcement a quick and accurate indication of the individual's legal history, as related to gun ownership. Why do we even care? Simply because there are so many within our society that feel THEY have the right to go without being offended by anyone else in our society. Those are the very same people that feel THEY are the sole arbiter of what is offensive and find that everyone else IS offensive if they carry a gun. Thus they will call for law enforcement if they even catch a glimpse of a gun, be it real or imagined. A permit can save you time and money because you do not have to defend yourself in court if you are carrying legally.


Unlike what those on a testosterone high think, there has yet to be a person born with knowledge and skills to properly and safely handle a gun. What does than imply/mean? Simply that YOU will need proper training in the safety and mechanics of gun use. Once you can handle the gun safely, you will need training on tactics to not only safeguard yourself, but others. Let me repeat, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN BORN KNOWING HOW TO SAFELY USE A GUN! Training is covered in other web pages on my site and on many other web sites.

Reasons to carry concealed

The somewhat thread-bare but none the less valid reasons for carrying include, but are not limited to:

Why Concealed Carry?

Why some people HATE guns


Who should carry?

The CC Permit Holder provides quite a few thoughts on what we are and are not. The first item that each of us MUST decide before you carry concealed is are you ready to kill someone, if it is necessary, to protect yourself or another from serious harm? If you can not say with total honesty that you are, then DO NOT CARRY! The very worst thing you could do is to go through the vetting process, get your permit, begin to carry and then hesitate after you have drawn your weapon to defend yourself or others. You MUST make that mental commitment to take any necessary action, or you should NOT carry.

Attitudes for CC See if you can get along with the attitudes necessary for CC with minimal/no problems with LEOs. If you firmly believe that your "rights" supersede anyone else's, you may want to seriously think about NOT getting your permit. The officer has ALL of the rights you have, but has a job that puts them in daily contact with individuals of minimal intelligence. DO NOT look like one of those people to the LEO.

What do I need to do?

The following items are sequenced by importance to you. There can be slight adjustments, but ALL are important.

  1. The first item you must do is to read and understand the laws in your state concerning concealed carry! Read AND UNDERSTAND! Handgun Law is a web site that has state by state summaries of the laws pertaining to concealed carry. That is an excellent starting point, but you also need to refer to the specific laws/statutes in your area. Department of redundancy department, UNDERSTAND THEM - before - you carry.
  2. Get some training! There are many that will whine/cry that it is their "Constitutional Right" to carry concealed, therefore they do not need training. WRONG! Two hundred years ago it was "common knowledge" that guns were part of our society. The vast majority of households had guns and almost everyone had what training there was available. That is no longer the situation. While many houses DO have guns, and many within those houses do receive training, that training is not adequate for concealed carry (reference number 1 above).
    In addition, those with an excess of testosterone tend to believe THEY are uniquely able to handle their weapons safely, just because they own one (reference number 3). Concealed carry requires a unique skill set to be able to handle yourself and anticipate situations that can easily occur. The more knowledge you have about concealed carry, the more likely you are to NOT have an unfortunate situation happen.

    A few thoughts on training include:
    Defensive Shooting and
    Live Fire Exercises
    Is it LEGAL?

  3. Safety! Gun Safety is an essential item for anyone that handles, much less carries a gun. You will often hear a gross oversimplification of gun safety rules when someone says "Treat every gun as if it were loaded!" HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! By following the FOUR rules presented in the linked page.

Specific Hints on Carry

The following are hints from several people on Ruger Forums

Some final Thoughts

Links to other information

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