Important Items in Safe Shooting

This set of web pages is to provide some FREE information on the safe handling and operation of firearms. This material is not to replace training from a Certified Instructor nor to provide any type of legal training or information. It is provided for reference so you WILL have at least an idea of what gun safety is about and some of the basics of shooting.

This material is under development and will be added to as time permits.

Concealed Carry

Handgun Law.US is a well established web site that references the laws, state by state, that pertain to Concealed Carry of firearms. Anyone that is contemplating a Concealed Carry Permit/License should use that site as a starting point for edification on the laws of YOUR state.

Concealed Carry Hints includes links to enough items that many do not consider it just a "hints" page.
It includes links to pages on:
~~ Why Concealed Carry?
~~ Why some people hate guns
~~ Sheeple
~~ Responsibilities of Concealed Carry and
~~ Instruction on Defensive Shooting.

Instructional Videos

Here are a few instructional videos that I have come across on, of all places, YouTube. There are a LOT of videos on YouTube that are worth what you pay to see them - nothing. These are a far cut above those other videos.

Remember that YouTube WILL place cookies on your system. If you disable cookies, you will get the "An error has occurred." message.

Here is a video to distract those that are anti-gun with something that is actually meaningful!
Watch closely at the beginning.

The case for tighter dress codes in High Schools

Videos for the 1911 Pistol

This is a subset of the videos available on YouTube, that address the 1911 pistol. This list is not all of the 1911 videos. It is the best that I have seen to date. PLEASE understand that there are many safety issues not properly addressed, and some of the methodology is not as simple as is available. Why include them then? Because these are the best I have found, to date, and something is most often better than nothing.

1911 Assembly This includes labeled parts and a cut-away view of action/function.

1911 Trigger/Sear & Disconnecter ONLY. This is included in the previous video.

Field Strip 1911

If you find any other videos that you like, please send me an E-mail so I can include them.

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