It's for Sure!

We now have proof positive (because we have pictures) of several items that were once thought to be rumors are - well maybe - fact. Or at least we think thay could possibly be or might have happened, or really SHOULD happen.

See for yourself.

Mars Rover

There is now proof that Mars is uninhabited.

But by day 2 the rover finds sign of life.

And by day 3 we know for sure.

Military Secrets Revealed!

Military now knows . . . . .

The US plans to apologize to Osama

and others

for the new Iraq

and for disturbing those in a Jihad.

We know that the Iraq Navy has improved.

Democratic Party Secrets!

Democrats have a new Party Seal

and want new leaders

to impliment new policy

Other Truths

We are now sure where babys come from,

that women's only parking may not be a good idea,

when women want something they can provide incentive,

and have other removal tools,

why fried chicken is not good for you,

that God loves us,

that not everyone likes Windows,

that not everyone likes Cell Phones,

that a computer has an "Any" key,

that some people learn the hard way,

but some learn quickly,

and that you can over-do some things!

ARES Truths

Results after surgery may not be what we needed for at least one ARES EC.