Personal Equipment

Each ECom member is expected to be prepared to respond as effectively as possible to a callout. No one is expected to ignore personal responsibilities to family or employer, nor unnecessarily risk their welfare! However, personal inconvenience or lack of preparation is insufficient reason for not supporting a callout!

How do I prepare? Put together a "go-bag" of the items suggested in the equipment list shown below. Please understand that you are not expected to stuff your entire ham shack, closet and pantry into a time capsule in preparation for an alternative life style in support of ECom. Rather that you think about the items you do not have and acquire them while there is time and no urgency. The list includes virtually everything you will need to be helpful in an ECom event. We suggest you maintain one "go-bag" with the items that you would need only during a deployment and possibly a second (or it could be just a list) of the items that, when added to the first, will provide you with the personal supplies and radio equipment to make you much more effective and comfortable during an event.

To summarize, don't wait until you are called, to assemble your "go-bag". Do it in advance at your leisure.

The items shown in UPPER CASE are the ones most likely to be needed.