ICS Duties for ECom

The following instructions apply to all ECom operators!
Everyone MUST ensure that all assignments, delegation and hand-overs are done with explicit statement of intent and explicit statement of acceptance. The most likely problems will occur when duties are assigned/accepted implicitly. If ALL assignment, delegation, handovers, acceptance etc. are explicit, the potential mis-understandings are minimized or eliminated.

A good technique to ensure understanding is to repeat what you understand the order or instruction to be. This will expose errors before they can become a problem.

Event Check List

The following are YOUR responsibilities for every emergency and many exercise events. Remember that during an emergency you will either be part of the solution, or you will become part of the problem.
  1. Before you leave your house, you should:
    1. Review your assignment to ensure you understand what is expected of you for this specific assignment.
      • Incident type, name and designation
      • Incident check in location
      • Reporting time
      • Anticipated length of stay
      • Travel instructions
    2. Update your "go-bag" with needed items not normally stored there
    3. Prepare clothing and food, sufficient to handle the anticipated length of stay at your assignment.
    4. Review communication procedures as necessary
    5. Ensure that your family knows how to contact you while you are at the assignment.
    6. Review transportation requirements - to and from the assignment

  2. On departure from your house, check in with the staffing net to let them know you are in route to your assignment.

  3. On arrival:
    1. Check in at the staging area so the served agency records reflect your help.
    2. Determine where/when the event briefing will be (ASK!)
    3. Notify the staffing net that you are going to the operations frequency.
    4. Check in with operations NCS to let them know you are available.

  4. Perform the duties assigned in a manner consistent with good safety procedures and good Ham techniques.
    This will include:

  5. Once your assignment is complete AND prior to departing you need to:
    1. Complete your work assignment
    2. Brief your subordinates on demobilization
    3. Complete event paper work
    4. Brief your replacement as applicable
    5. Follow incident check out procedures. This means:
      • Check out where you checked in (if at all possible)
      • Notify Operations NCS of your departure
      • Notify the Staffing Net you are checking out from your assignment and going home.

  6. Upon arrival at your house, check out with the staffing net.

This ensures the event staff have full accounting of your safety and location while you work any event.