The following is from Larry, K0ANI.

APRS+SA (author Brent Hildebrand, KH2Z) is a program that interfaces with DeLorme’s Street Atlas Version 4 through Version 9. The Delorme Street Atlas (SA) is installed on your computer as a stand-alone application. SA comes with a data CD which allows the user to copy maps, or portions of maps down the county levels of interest on to the computer hard drive. The data CD also provide additional data of highway exit services and points of interest such as hotel/motel, restaurants, emergency services and the like including their phone numbers. These maps and data are then available by simply starting the program and scrolling to the area of interest or allowing a computer attached GPS to locate your position.

APRS+SA is also installed on your computer and receives the NMEA data from the GPS and communicates with the TNC. APRS+SA is a full function program that allows a number of feature to be used as a stand-alone application. The user has access to the TNC functions and can use the program as a terminal node controller to send and receive packet data, to monitor GPS data, to transmit bulletins and receive weather data. But by far the biggest function of the program is to receive packet position reports and display them onto the DeLorme Street Atlas map. In APRS+SA as position data is received it is logged into a positions screen in text format. The position data is also shown on a track screen and on this screen the user may select position data of interest and have it transferred to SA. The positions are transferred to SA either automatically as they are received or at a user selectable time. The SA map display can be controlled through APRS+SA with the commands, map options tab. With this function the user can adjust the map zoom level and center tracking on themselves or on a station of interest. If the positions being tracked are moving stations, a line is drawn between position reports showing the tracks of the station.

The operation of the two programs is seamless. One simply starts both programs, selects which communications ports are to be used for the GPS and TNC, and selects stations to be track once their callsign appear. Once that is completed the two programs work as one.

The quality of the DeLorme maps is excellent and is accurate down to the street level. The installation of both programs does not require any more computer knowledge then that of an average computer user.