Information on AGWPE in APRS


The information persented here is from a number of sources on the internet. In one place it says to simply copy the software into Windows 98. That is contrary to the way windows has operated for YEARS (you have to install it for Windows to see it). If you have additions or corrections, please let me know. Pat Lambert, W0IPL (


AGWPE is the AGW Packet Engine written by SV2AGW. This software is a standalone packet engine that basically does nothing but talk to TNCs. It gives other program a uniform interface to the TNC, be it a normal TNC-2 design or a Baycom or a soundblaster hooked up to a radio. Refer to for full infomration.

The AGWPE allows multiple programs to talk to the TNC at the same time. Thus you can run WinAPRS and a BBS program and a DX cluster all at the same time with one TNC (they must be on the same frequency). Additionally, the TNC can be on a seperate computer.

The ability to run on a SEPERATE computer is VERY IMPORTANT. This allows MacAPRS and X-APRS users to use this feature as well if they have a Windows Box available.

Other advantages include

  • Connecting to a TNC in some other location, i.e. the one at home and the other from work
  • Multiple machines utilizing the same TNC at the same time.

Installation of AGWPE

  • For Win98, there is no real installation required, just copy the software. (???????????? - pl)
  • Double click on the AGWPE.EXE icon. Not much happens, but an entry will show up on the task bar.
  • RIGHT CLICK on this button, a pop-up menu will display, select "PROPERTIES". Then, click "NEW PORT" and configure the TNC port accordingly.

Once AGWPE is configured, in WinAPRS go to SETTINGS / PORTS. This will bring up a list, It should be pre-configured with an entry for AGWPE on LOCAL. Select this entry and click the OPEN button. That is all there is to it.

If you want to run AGWPE on a seperate machine, go to your WinAPRS / MacAPRS directory, and find the PORTS folder. The latest version should create that folder for you. Inside it will be files. Duplicate the AGWPE.PRT file and edit it to contain the TCP/IP address of the machine you are running AGWPE on. Then proceed as above.

The AGWPE program is shareware, however, he only requires registration if you are using the TCP over AX-25 option.