How to Blow Your
Street Creds


There seem to be many people that are very aware of how important "Street Credibility" (Creds) are in acquiring a job, holding a job, keeping friends, making friends, etc. Yet there are an equal number of people that fail to understand how important Creds are. So much so that they seem to be perpetually doing their best to destroy their own Creds. Their problem seems to be that even in trying to blow their Creds, they mess up that effort due to either a lack of knowledge or a significant ineptitude. This web page has been put together to assist those that, inadvertently or on purpose, are blowing their Creds, so they can be more effective at that task.

Be SURE you . . . .

These are some of the items you need to BE SURE you use in your self assigned task. They form the major factors in how others perceive you and your actions.

Every one of us has the tendency to stretch the truth a little when trying to make a point or impress others. If you are trying to blow your Creds, make sure it is plainly evident you are blowing smoke. For example, if you are above average intelligence, say 130, make sure you blow that completely out of proportion, any number over 200 will work. Another example would be about what it costs you to operate your house. If it costs you $250 for electricity to run A/C, then state it as over $600. ALWAYS make it so outlandish that anyone listening knows you are blowing smoke. After all, if it is merely a stretch, they may simply think you are stupid.

To be totally obnoxious, you need to look-at/treat others as if they have little or no intelligence or purpose. One way you can accomplish that is by, literally, looking down your nose at them so you appear to have a dignity or superiority they lack. Another way is to agree with what they are saying, in a manner that belies your words. Make sure your agreements show you are sneering. Thus you smile, laugh, or contort the face in a manner that shows scorn or contempt.

Far too many people have come to qualify their words to avoid arguments. In your attempt to destroy your Creds, never use "may" or "could" or "appears to be". These are far too easily passed up if looking for an argument. Instead, use ALWAYS and NEVER. For example, if you say "you seem to be", that can easily open the door to a discussion. If you instead say "you ALWAYS", or "you NEVER" it immediately invites the argument "I DO NOT!" After all it is when you are perceived to be perpetually looking for a fight that your Creds diminish.

Verbally ABUSE anyone that messes up
If you are talking or working with someone and they mess up, either in word or deed, BE SURE you belittle them. Now be careful with this one. Many people will give others a "hard time" as a way of kidding. Make sure your comments are sharp enough or acidic enough that no one will mistake them for kidding. Consistent verbal abuse of others does wonders for diminishing your Creds.

GET MAD as quickly as you can
There are many in our world that can easily be pushed far enough to become mad. To diminish or destroy your Creds, be sure you become livid, in seconds, over minuscule problems and get even worse when the problem is of significance. You do not want to seem anywhere near reasonable. Make sure people think you are totally out of your mind.

ALWAYS look bored
This is an extension of being condescending. When you are in a discussion, or one starts near you, MAKE SURE you look bored. If the people involved are certain that you consider their comments stupid or irrelevant, no matter what they say, and especially if they are restating your opinion, your Creds go all to hell.

NEVER give positive feedback
Many people will provide what passes for positive feedback, even when none is due. To destroy your Creds, NEVER give positive feedback. MAKE SURE you perpetually provide negative comments. Leave no doubt! The old saying of "If you can't say something positive, don't say anything." should leave you with literally nothing to say.

In a discussion . . . .

NEVER show respect
This is another area that you need to be very careful with. There are certain portions of our society that showing a lack of respect can get you killed. Presuming you are not in that segment of our country, be sure you show absolutely NO respect for anyone you work with or talk with. Some of the easier ways are described above in, looking bored, getting mad far too quickly, being condescending, and exaggeration. Simply talk down to everyone.

Use Insults
It is far easier to insult someone than to try to befriend them. In addition it shows disdain for the individual, thus furthering your goal of destroying your Creds.

NEVER try to understand the other person's position
WOW! This one can be tough. Many people have spent a large amount of time working with difficult people. They provide reasoning that is well founded and based on easily verifiable facts. Faced with that, you will have to work especially hard to not understand what they are saying. TOUGH IT OUT! If you want to blow your Creds, NEVER acknowledge that anyone else may have a good or valid point, and especially DO NOT try to understand someone that is of a lesser ability. They may have inadvertently stumbled on something that is true.

In a discussion, as someone is attempting to explain what or why their point is, interrupt with "GET TO THE POINT!". This assures they will find you obnoxious and self centered, thus furthering your goal of destroying your Creds. If they continue to try and help you understand their point, use the second part, "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT?". This will, most often, get them upset. PERFECT, you now have the entry for "CALM DOWN!" Used properly, you will have shut down anyone willing to talk with you. As such your Creds are safe. They are gone. . . . . . . On the rare occasion that anyone is still ready to try and talk with you, the final insult is to say "BE REASONABLE!" If that doesn't work, the person is hopeless and you should just walk away.

To your boss or team leader . . . .

When your boss is giving instructions or assignments, be sure you ask WHY? as many times as it takes to get him/her angry.

You wouldn't understand
If you are explaining your point and anyone asks you WHY?, immediately say "You wouldn't understand." If that doesn't work, the very next time you say "BECAUSE THE RULES ARE THE RULES!" If you still have a job after that, smile a lot. You are now qualified to go to Chicago, get a do-nothing job that pays immense amounts of money, and become president of the U.S. within five years.

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